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5 Tips and Tricks When Shopping for a Ping Pong Table

Table tennis, simply known as ping pong is a fast-paced and exciting sport played by kids and adults alike. It tests one’s motor skills and mental capacity to outwit the opponent and score higher points enough to win. At some time or another, you will probably be intrigued to try this out – or even master this perhaps. But to ace your first win, you’ll have to prepare the sporting gears and equipment.

First, forget the claims and tempting offers that manufacturers out there provide. Unless you’re really serious about trying this out, it’s utterly fine to start with small tools. But since we’re talking about table tennis here - it’s not just enough to flip through the pages of magazines or browse the web. You’ll definitely need a sturdy, portable and secure ping pong table to have a wonderful experience. Here are some tips you may want to take note.



Decide whether you’ll want to set the table permanently or whether you’ll frequently pack and put it away. A fold-up model is probably a more convenient choice – especially when traveling. But make sure there’s a roller in it (for smooth and convenient movement). When setting a table permanently, it’s important that it’s latched securely on the ground to stop the table from moving around when not in use.

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There could be plenty of debates regarding the ideal thickness that should be figured out in ping pong tables – and what’s worth buying. While there a variety of options available out there, you’ll have to assess whether the bounce of the ball is right or not. In most serious tournaments, a 1-inch top is used by players so everyone gets the same playing experience.


Table Legs

Make sure that you purchase a table tennis table that has good strong supports and legs, as it’s likely to be used continuously over the next year or so. Check out the leg levelers too. They can be handy when the ground has an uneven surface; levelers can be attached and screwed to maintain the table height. You’ll have to read the instruction manuals or even watch some videos to absorb some useful tactics.



Apart from research (which is a pretty obvious information-gathering tool), one of the best ways to gather more useful and accurate ideas is to read the Best Ping Pong Table Reviews online. There, a lot of shoppers can vouch for the efficiency of a material. When it concerns the net, search for those which have attachments with soft covering where they grip tables to prevent scratches on the table’s surface.


Indoor or outdoor table tennis tables

This is probably one thing which you’ve anticipated to hear. Basically, you’ll be the decision- maker of this. But since tables vary (some products may not support other advanced features, for example), the more important it is to figure out the ideal specifications. As a player, what are your needs and wants? Create a checklist for that, so it’s easier to distinguish the good from the average ones.


So there you have it, Guide to Select Table Tennis Tables. Select wisely, and rest assured you’ll get the best years of ping pong experience.

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