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Explore a new way of living at City Walk Building 19!

Are you looking to live in the posh apartments that are built on the lines of the 21st century? You can make it happen if you have a certain level of willingness to live in the city of Dubai. Your dream to live in such a city is going to come true as you build yourself a space where you can enjoy your life to the fullest. Welcome to City Walk Building 19, where you can choose to live in the modernity offered in the 21st century.

Being a part of the City Walk Development, this place is designed to offer the relaxation and peace that people so deserve in these times. The location of this property is the deciding factor in its overall impression as the perfect place for new residents. Once a part of the City Walk Building 19, you can never complain of anything. The amenities provided to you will not only be world-class but will also have a touch of nature in it. There are places in Dubai that offer housing facilities but none of them has the beauty and elegance that this residence has.

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Being spacious matters

This is one area that most of the housing complexes don’t pay attention to. Despite the big house sizes people still face space issues, thanks to the faulty floor plans that don’t consider the role of space in living areas. This problem is addressed well in this part of the City Walk Development.


Lot of attention to solving space issues has ensured that no one feels stuffy inside their homes. It was given the first priority during the developmental phases. And now that it is developed, you can see that any type of future problems regarding space has been done away with.

Knowing the residence better

The residential blocks in this part of the City Walk Development have been kept unfinished. This gives people the freedom to do anything of their choice. They can bringany kind of furniture inside their homes and make themselves comfortable. Sometimes, it happens that too much of advanced furnishing creates problems for new residents who like things to be their way.


There are areas where you are free to make special developments of your own. This way you will have provisions for installing your own creations. So, make haste and get yourself an apartment booked in this wonderful place!

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